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"We will either find a way, or make one"


Recognized for our dedication to your goals, and for getting things done through honest and thorough representation, the consultants at JJ Strategies have secured prominence among key stakeholders in all levels of government and private enterprise.  With a combined experience of over 30 years, we can help your organization find legislative and regulatory success.  


At JJ Strategies, Inc., we work in a meaningful, results-oriented manner, tailored to meet the needs of each client. We have a prestigious reputation for making every client a trusted friend and long-time partner. Our consultants have extensive experience and qualifications in the fields of healthcare, public/private partnerships, behavioral health, criminal justice, and more


Over the years, we've provided quality services and solutions to organizations in the state of Utah: including the Utah Association of Counties, the Utah Association of Behavioral Healthcare Organizations, The National Association of Social Workers, Copa Health, Odyssey House, Alkermes, Merck, Organon, USARA, Dominion Diagnostics, Standard Optical, Opticare of Utah, and many more.  


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JJ Strategies, Inc. has a strong record of success on issues related to the  healthcare industry.  With a  specific expertise in behavioral healthcare, and how those issues interact with all other industries, it is likely that you've found your way to this site based on a referral for policy, funding, or networking in the behavioral health arena.  We've partnered with companies and organizations in every aspect of healthcare policy. From securing research funding for behavioral health and health insurance policy, to the funding and enactment of community-based care, we have proven success in this fundamental, critical, and highly regulated space.

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Criminal Justice

JJ Strategies, Inc. assists agencies at the state, county, and local level to create and execute effective policies and reform efforts focused on reducing jail populations and recidivism. We have extensive experience assisting municipalities with the process of implementing alternatives to incarceration, with diversion programs practiced effectively in the criminal justice system today. 

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Intergovernmental Policy

Joel Johnson of JJ Strategies got his start in politics representing local governments to the State of Utah with the Association of Counties.  Over the course of his Tenure, he has been directly involved in substantial wins on land use, good landlord rights and limitations, Homeless resource placement, zoning infringements, and ADA/FHA implementation settlements.


Budgetary Appropriations

Considered one of the most difficult processes of all in the legislative branch, JJ Strategies does not lose when it comes to funding items for their clients.  With an impeccable record on both fiscal-note bills and line-item appropriations in the state budget, they have risen to the top of the ranks, and are often pursued by other lobbying firms for their expertise and fundamental influence in the appropriations process.  

Why choose JJ Strategies, Inc.?


JJ Strategies, Inc. believes the most important qualities in any business relationship are those of respect and integrity.  We only take on clients we believe align with our values.


At JJ Strategies, Inc., this is not just a job, we enjoy and take great pride in the work we do. Therefore, we only hire people who maintain high ethical standards.

For these reasons, and many more, it's not uncommon for our clients to become staunch, long lasting friends.


We have a reputation for using our tenacity to provide honest and thorough representation for various organizations and industries throughout the state of Utah. 


Over the years, we've worked tirelessly to earn success on policy initiatives and funding priorities.


Our mission is to triumph in everything we do, to improve the quality of life and empower persons impacted by the criminal justice system.


We accomplish this by collaborating with vested stakeholders to create effective service delivery, influence policy change and promote professional awareness.


Our founder, Joel Johnson, worked for the Association of Counties, as Director of Advocacy for the Utah Support Advocates for Recovery Awareness.


He has a success rate of over 90% as a campaign manager for multiple municipal county, and state candidates. He held the title of Deputy Director of the Capitol Hill Association.


Joel currently serves as chairman of the board of the Helping Hand Association and holds various positions with multiple nonprofit associations, representing a variety of industries.


JJ Strategies, Inc. is known for more than our ability to win. We have built a reputation as policy experts and for providing strategic direction.


This has allowed us to create success for our clients, to anticipate challenges, and avert crises.


Our vast experience with criminal justice and behavior health services has allowed us the opportunity to help provide essential services that improve the quality of life for Utah's community members. 

"Aut viam inveniam aut faciam"


JJ Strategies, Inc. is committed to human services,

meaningful representation, and bringing about

real change for Utah's community members.

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